Dice are necessary to play in matches. They allow the player to have more dice control and special abilities from the effects of the chosen dice. The first dice you're given is the White Dice, and you can receive Lovely Dice as a reward for the Dice tutorial when you tap on the Dice tab for the first time.

Main article: Dice Fragments

You can obtain dice fragments from Normal Dice Fragment Draw, Premium Dice Fragment Draw, or VIP Dice Fragment Draw. VIP Dice fragments can only be obtained when you reach Lv.3 VIP Service.

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All dice have special skills, with the most important one being Dice Control. The equipped dice's modifiers will influence your gameplay when they are activated.

Treasure Cubes Dice Level Reward

Gifts can be collected at the end of every Treasure Cube cooldown duration for each dice when they are unlocked, by enhancing the Dice to required rarity level. The maximum receivable gift for every treasure cube can be found under "Treasure Cube info", and rewards will be sent to the mailbox when collected. Treasure Cubes which have not been unlocked will instead be Inactive.

All dies may be enhanced to upgrade their star quality after they are created, with the respective Dice Fragments. VIP Dice can be upgraded to a six star quality where a fourth ability will be added.

Update 14/02/2019

From today the Tresure Cubes are Dice Level Reward

Dice Level Reward is Total ranks of your Dice dicided by Dice level.

  • Dlce level will reset every 24 hours after receiving.
  • You can get one of the three rewards based on your Dice level
1★ Dice
2★ Dice
3★ Dice
VIP Dice
Siren DiceMagical DiceGolden DiceMonkey DiceDragon DiceNoble DiceCocktail DiceBlue Titanium DiceTrump Dice • Shooting Star Dice • Wintry Dice • Magnetic Dice • Catloaf DiceCherry Blossom Dice • Youkai Dice • Say Cheese Dice • Spell Cube Dice • Batty DiceShiba Inu DiceMr. Doo Dice
Event Dice
Sanrio X GoD
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