Crystal Village is a Christmas event map that has unique features never seen before. The map is shortened and excludes Fortune Road and Misery Road.

Crystal GaugeEdit

Every time you pass the START block, 1 tick on the crystal in the middle of the map will increase. When you pass by START block when the crystal is fully charged, a toll fee buff will be applied to all your properties.

Icy Blocks Edit

When you land on an Icy Block, all the blocks your properties are on will become frozen and slippery. If you land on a frozen block, you will slide to one of the blocks close to it.

  • You can use this to your advantage sometimes by sliding on your city that is close to Golden Ox.

Strategy Edit

  • Use Wintry Dice. There is a buff named "Blessings of the Frozen City" which can be advantageous if activated.

Trivia Edit

  • This map is currently not listed in the Map of the Day rotation but was assumed to be in the rotation before.

Promotional Video Edit

Game of Dice New Season - Wintry - Update!

Game of Dice New Season - Wintry - Update!

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