Craft allows you to create Skill Cards, Character tickets, event items, and more using materials.

Craft Materials can come in two forms, items in the form of Dice Fragments or material in the form of skill cards. Crafting Materials that come as dice fragments can be viewed in your Fragment Storage and sold for 10 gold each. Crafting Material Skill Cards can be viewed with your other skill cards and used for combining. Some of them can be used in matches, but they provide very little benefit and is usually a waste.

Turbo Skill Cards are mostly an artifact of crafting, and is obtained by crafting multiple high level Skill Cards together (sometimes with a Flame of Growth) during a boost card event.

Some crafted items allow you to draw and collect new items. They are also more commonly referred to as "Boxes".

Normal Craft Edit

Most of these recipes (except one) may be crafted indefinitely. They are available for a long time and some are marked "Again", meaning that they can be crafted again and again with no limitations to the count.

Recipe Description / Craft Reward Requires
Entry Tickets
Craft Master Instant Entry Ticket
Master Entry Ticket
Pro Entry Ticket × 5
Craft Grand Slam Instant Entry Ticket
Grand Slam Entry Ticket
Master Entry Ticket × 5
Guild Tokens
Craft Glittering Guild Token
Glittering Guild Token
Shiny Guild Token × 20
Exchange Shining Guild Token

Normal Character x5

Shiny Guild Token × 30
Exchange Shining Guild Token

Normal Skill card x5

Shiny Guild Token × 50
Exchange Glittering Guild Token

Flame of Growth

Glittering Guild Token × 30
Exchange Badge

Skill Card

x3 Star Badge
Super Rare Ticket Material
Exchange Glittering Guild Token

Lower SR Ticket

Glittering Guild Token × 50
Exchange Badge

Upper SR Ticket

x10 Star Badge

x1 Moon Badge

10 times Craft Super Rare Ticket Upper SR Ticket

Lower SR Ticket

1 each

Goods Craft Edit

Goods crafting is the last tab in the Crafting pane. It replaces but serves a similar purpose as the removed VIP crafting, so the VIP Card (120 Luxury Points) and VVIP Card (10 Topaz) recipe exists as a legacy recipe.

Commonly, there are recipes of crafting a 4★ Max Goods with their respective Catalyst (purchased from Luxury Shop) to create a 5★ of the same Goods.

It also holds recipes for Goods during events.

Tips On Obtaining Craft Materials Edit

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