Cool Summer! Catalyst was a Craft Material in a limited time event. It was a bonus for purchasing Gems with real money. Purchasing 500 Gems gives you x1 Cool Summer! Catalyst, and purchasing 1000 Gems gives you x2 Cool Summer! Catalyst.

One Cool Summer! Catalyst (Trial) was given for free in the Mailbox to craft a Cool Summer Haste.

One Cool Summer! Catalyst was rewarded for purchasing any IAP during event period. Two Cool Summer! Catalysts were awarded as gem spending event (in Consecutive Missions) and could be claimed by spending 1,000 gems and 2,000 gems each during event period.

Crafting a skill card with Cool Summer! Catalysts would give you the same skill card with a temporary Hologram Effect and the Cool Summer limited edition label. Cool Summer Haste expires after a week, the other cards lasts for three weeks until August.

Take Two Edit

The Cool Summer! Event was revamped after maintenance on 20th July. Purchasing 300 Gems gives x2 <Cool Summer! Catalyst Piece>, and purchasing 1000 Gems gives x2 <Cool Summer! Catalyst>. <Cool Summer! Catalyst> could be crafted from <Cool Summer! Catalyst Piece> x4.

This introduced the second Cool Summer! Dream Pack, this time with only 7 Skill Cards instead of 8 (and Push was not in it). The Hologram Effects lasts 3 weeks.

Skill CardsEdit

The following skill cards have a Cool Summer! version.

Skill CardHologram EffectCatalyst Required
HasteDice Control +60%Trial
PursuitDiscount on Toll Fee + 501
Time for RevengeToll Fee +30%1
Dice of BlessingDice Control +40%1
PushIncrease toll on cities + 501
Steal PropertyDice Control +40%2
Mirror MirrorDice Control +60%2
CurseToll Fee +50%2
Mysterious CommissionToll Fee +30%2
Power BuildDice Control +40%2
Smack!Dice Control +40%2
Round TripDice Control +40%2
Wild CompassIncrease toll on cities + 501
FetchDice Control +60%1
Rainbow PartyToll fee +100%1
Master NavigatorDice Control +40%1
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