Color Chains are groups of two to three neighboring cities with the same base color. Every city has a color unique to its own chain and are part of that chain.

If a player possess all the cities of the Color Chain, it will be completed. This includes if the cities in the Color Chain are shared by two players in the same team in Team Match. The Color Chain effect will be applied and a toll boost of x2 will be placed on the affected cities. Vacation Spots are not in Color Chains.

Strategy Edit

  • Rainbow Party is a skill card that boosts tolls on cities affected by Color Chain.
  • Chain Boost, a Dice Effect, gives the cities in the chain a x3 multiplier instead when an acquired city completes a color chain.

Trivia Edit

  • It was originally called Color Monopoly, but JOYCITY had to change it because of copyright issues.
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