City Visit

Rarity 4★
Mechanics Unknown
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Release DateOctober 10, 2015

City Visit is a Skill Card that can be obtained from Premium Skill Card Draw.

Move to the nearest city owned by the player from the current position

This card allows the user to move to the nearest city owned by the player from the current position. You can bet on your city once you landed on it.

While this card specifies "the nearest" city, it does not teleport you correctly if you are on the first block of a crossroad, and will "find" the city by going in the direction of the regular map instead of the direction of the crossroad you are on (unlike Family Vacation and other teleportation cards).

Vacation Spots are not cities and do not count.

Strategy Edit

  • It is advised to save this card, even if it tells you Recommended. This Skill Card seems to recommend you to use it any block you're currently on.
  • Do not use this skillcard if you're near START unless you want to. It will not level your cities.
  • You can avoid Misery Road with this.
  • Be cautious. It says nearest city, meaning if your nearest city is right next to you then you go there. If your nearest city is behind you, then you move there.
  • If your nearest city is across the map and there's high-toll properties in your way, then use this skill card to easily avoid them.
  • This card lets you roll after getting a betting chance. It gives you many chances to cut-in a bet on a city that you think your opponent would land on to introduce a forceful turn.
  • It may be more preferable to save this card for the middegame when you have more cities, and only use the card to bet when you are visiting a city of level three or above. A city's toll value has a major boost from level two to three.
  • The effect of Urban Renewal by maxed Magical Dice may stack with this landing. However, effects of Goods with trigger of a landing will not.
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