This is a Special Edition Character that is no longer obtainable.

"Let's fly like fluffy clouds~" - Cinnamoroll

Cinnamoroll is an adorable white puppy who came down from the sky like a fluffy cloud! The owner of Café Cinnamon named him Cinnamoroll as she saw his cinnamon bread-looking tail.

Cinnamoroll is part of the Game of Dice X Sanrio Event. He is the final friend character released as part of the crossover.

Cinnamoroll is a Premium Character. This means he starts out as ★5 only. Cinnamoroll is currently depicted in 1 skill cards.

Stats Edit

Five Star2
5 Stars
Start Money Bonus 97 108 125 139
Cheaper Jailbreak Cost 74 82 95 106
Mini Battle Payout ↑ 97 108 126 140
Tax Discount 73 81 95 105
Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ 97 107 124 138
Toll on Cities ↑ 102 113 133 146

Quotes Edit

Greet:"Let's fly like fluffy clouds~"
Provoke:"Curled up like my tail?"
Happy:"It tastes like my favorite Cinnamon Roll!"
Angry:"I just want to get along...! Why!"
Half-timer"My tail is pretty, right?"
Ending-timer"My tail is pretty, right?"

Trivia Edit

  • Cinnamoroll also has friends that look similar to him such as Cappucino, Chiffon, Mocha, Cherry, and more.
  • He is the official mascot of Café Cinnamon.
  • Cinnamoroll does not have a voice in-game except for small chirps when he claims a property.

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