Chat codes can be entered into the in-game chat room for a prize. Do note chat codes are case sensitive, and can only be used once per account.

There are some chat codes that expired or prohibited to type in chat.

Original Chat CodesEdit

Chat code Reward
Genius League20M Joy
Suspicious Man5,000 Gold
Golden Ox??
Let's Roll!10,000 Gold
Game of Dice ??
JOYCITY 5,000 Gold

Other Event Chat CodesEdit

Chat code Reward
FantasticBabe x1 Gem Capsule
BantasticBabi x1 Gem Capsule

2016/2/3 PDT 100 Gems

Enjoy October 1x Silver Pouch

Undercover Doria's Secret 2x Silver Pouch

Expired or Prohibited Chat Codes Edit

Chat codes that expired or prohibited to type in chat. They used to be available, but can no longer be redeemed in chat.

Chat Code
Trick or TreatVaries
Big FishBig Fish Trial Edition
Vaulting horse please Vaulting Trial Edition
psydaddy1x Premium Card Draw
Hpsydream5x Takeover Certificates
psynapalnapal30 Gems
psyrememberyou30k Gold
psyrocknroll3B Joy
psyherenow30k Gold
psymeetsdicex42 PSY Dice Fragments
Bat Lootx1 Golden Bat
Trump x10 Trump Dice Fragment
Property Tycoon x1 Goods EXP x5 Kit
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