Rarity Turbo, 5★, 4★, 3★, 2★
Mechanics Toll Boost
Use ConditionStanding on an owned City
Status Effect No
Obtainable Yes
Depicted CharactersMary
Release DateOctober 12, 2015

For 5 turns, toll increases by 550% if current standing city is mine.

Strategy Edit

  • Boost toll on standing city immediately without having to land on it again to Bet, for example after landing on Conquer City.
  • Stack the toll after landing on your own city after betting to boost the toll further.
  • You can use it on positionally advantageous cities like near the Golden Ox to discourage your opponents from landing near them when using Dice Control.
  • You can use it if you are certain that your opponent may land on the city you are on.

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