Body Oil
Rarity 4★-5★, Shiny
Triggering Phase Unique: Targeted by Moving Skill
Limiting ConditionNot my turn
Max Usage 1
Stat increment per level 1%
Mechanics Movement
Release Date April 14, 2016

If targeted by opponent's moving skill during other characters turn, move to a random block by 20/10% chance

Strategy Edit

This effect lets you escape from being your opponents' target for a random chance. It replicates a Dimension Shift usage if you are hit by a moving skill, which are quite common in high level games.

Moving skill refers to the effect on skill cards where you are moved to land on a block. (It may be the case that you landed on the same block. They are:

As most moving skills that target your opponents are offensive (with Excellent Choice being a perfect example), and can potentially be deadly (such as being Push-ed / Pull-ed / Drag-ged onto a very expensive property), running Body Oil gives you a chance to save yourself from your opponent's wrath.

While getting to empty cities may be advantageous at times, this equipment is more catered for Team Match where the board is less divided and your chance of landing on a safe block is higher. It can become problematic in the middlegame or endgame as your safe blocks can deplete, and because it's not your turn, you cannot use Takeover Certificates.

Counter Edit

While the effect is strong, it triggers at a relatively low chance, and only once per game. So if your opponent have already deprecated their chance once previously, there is nothing to be scared of. If you have good luck, you also have nothing to be scared of.

As noted, Body Oil users might get an advantage if it is triggered during the opening where empty cities can be acquired, so you can just hold off using your moving skills until empty cities are depleted.


  • The base stat of a 5-star body oil used to be 15%, but was buffed to 20% after the April 21 update.
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