• Bunira

    My Status

    August 28, 2017 by Bunira


    I realize I've been an active admin here for a very long time now. But now I'd like to say that I will no longer be actively working on this Wiki. I've moved on to another one.

    So if you see a lack of updates on this Wiki, this is why.

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  • XCaidx

    Help please.

    August 12, 2016 by XCaidx

    Hi I'm new in this wiki and in the game, and I have some questions:

    How do I use emoticons with other players? or words?

    How can I win JOY faster? (without using money)

    And what would you recommend me to do? (being the noob I am D: )

    Also, how do I change my character?

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  • Ac0524

    Introduction of me

    June 4, 2016 by Ac0524

    Hi everyone.

    I'm Adrian from HK. My in-game name is 聖龍之神. Everyone called me AC as my whole name is Adrian Chan. I am just a newbie in editing. I found this wiki when I was finding some info about GoD one day. Hope the others can help me in editing. Thanks!

    Questions about me:

    ·When did you start playing Game of dice? How do you know about this game? I was recommended by a group of friends in school and I started to play this game three months ago.

    ·When did you start edit on this wiki? I started editing around one month ago and I now had 60 edits in here.

    ·Can you solve problems about the game? I won't but I will try to help you if I knew anything about it.

    ·Which character do you like the most in Game of dice? Also which character are you usin…

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  • Maine12329

    I am quite lazy to write an intro, but here I go. I am Maine12329 (ign: kitsuyume). Right now, I'm an admin of Oblivion (formerly the platinum guild named Push). You can occasionally find me on the rather inactive Joycity forums with a sadly misspelled yusername (kitsuyme) that will sadly stay misspelled forever.

    I am a university student doing my bachelors in Psychology. In my free time, I dance a style called Waacking, do some yoga at school, watch The Voice or Game of Thrones, and edit wikis. A slightly bigger thing I do is that I run a scanlation thing called Nara Scans that translates Real Account II and Kamen no Maid Guy for now, I suppose, until I get lazy again.

    Blurb: I have two-toned black-pink hair in real life.

    • What is my job here on the…

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  • Maine12329

    This tier list is written by me, kitsuyume. It's targeted at Guild Match (Team), Main. The strategy is to win big consistently, not accounting for special decks. I may use the great tier as an indicator of skill card requirements for my Plat-II guild, Oblivion.

    E.g. special rush deck Turbo God's Judgment + Turbo Road Tour + Turbo Bash

    Feel free to edit or comment on this.

    Assumptions: highest rarity (usually 5-star) is implied, not accounting for Turbo. for example, Turbo smack could be ranked slightly higher.

    Synergies should also be accounted for. For instance, having a deck highly specialized in Takeover is very effective. Too many opponent movement cards in the absence of toll boosters can also be a problem. Ox control is generally very impor…

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  • Bunira


    May 3, 2016 by Bunira


    My in-game name is Bunira, but you can call me Bunnie. You can ask me anything about the game or wikia as long as I know how to answer it. I look over the Game of Dice wikia to make sure no vandalism happens and to keep it updated. All edits and discussions on the GoD Wikia are sent to my email and looked over. I am not a pro at coding. I have very basic knowledge of it so I apologize for future mistakes.

    Who is the founder and when did you become admin?

    • The founder is Defjayflow08 who owns two GoD Wikias (both inactive). This wikia was empty before I took over it. Admin was given to me on December 12, 2015.

    Why did you decide to take the GoD Wikia?

    • I was in love with the game when I first joined, and promised one of the JOYCITY Staff on F…

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  • Unihedron

    Game Strategy

    April 22, 2016 by Unihedron
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  • Traehkrad


    February 11, 2016 by Traehkrad

    Hello Game of Dice / ダイスの神 community, I just wanted to start by saying hello and warm welcome to all of you that come by our wikia for whatever reason, whether you are a beginner starting out in the game and would like to pick up information here, whether you would like to chat with other people here over strategies, whether you like to share your gameplay with others to see and learn from, etc. The choice is yours.

    I am known as Traehkrad on both the game client and on this wikia, so if there is any questions you would like me to answer whether they be game-wise or wikia wise, do go ahead and ask. I'll do my best to reply as soon as possible with an adequate answer to boot. I would prefer game-related questions due to my limited knowledge a…

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