The Bank may collect and hold an amount of wealth, which will be collected by the player who lands on the Bank. It is most closely linked to Tax.

Skill Cards Strategy

Using Support Fund teleports you to Bank, and higher levels of the skill card gives you even more money than the savings.

When there is money in the Bank, I See Gold! can be used to boost toll on your properties.

Open Fire takes away money from all players on a city, and stores it in the Bank. Similarly, Rob 1st Place and Donation Angel also stores the stolen money in the Bank.

Landing on Bank in the effect of City Tour will allow you to roll dice again.


  • The design of the Bank block frequently changes between maps. In the Original map, it is a wooden chest. In the Guild Match map, the chest is green. During the Pirate Invasion Event Map, it is a treasure chest with coins overflowing from it.
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