August 4, 2016 - ??

Aquamarine Event

Details Edit

The Aquamarine Event Map has features similar to the previous Event Maps with many unique additions of its own. All the cities are in groups of 3 where each makes up all 5 [Color Chain]. There are only 3 Vacation Spots.

Dolphin BoostEdit

[Color Chain] property area selected by player will be multiplied. (There are two of these blocks in the map.)

Start Edit

Teleport to an empty City when landing on START block.

Fortune RoadEdit

It is moved to 12 blocks from the Start block, similar to Mysterious Mansion Event Map.

  1. Salute (from Mansion): Boost random cities toll owned temporarily
  2. Go to Start
  3. Steal City: Acquire random City owned by opponents

Misery RoadEdit

Block 2 becomes "Pandora's Box" (Boost all opponent cities toll temporarily).

Strategy Edit

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