Anthony is a pirate who rules, and roams the ocean with the pirate ship. She dreams of becoming a Pirate King and attacks the Genius League with her crew to achieve that dream.

She is a Premium character. This means she starts out with 5* only. Anthony is currently depicted in 7 skill cards.


Anthony and her subordinates chose to build their new base from the seas near Bella Cruise and opened fire. The crew members and Anthony gave anesthetic shots to any villager who survived so they couldn't rebel.

After securing resources and taking hostages, Anthony and her subordinates start to construct their forces.


Five Star2
5 Stars
Start Money Bonus 90 104 125 138
Cheaper Jailbreak Cost 65 74 89 99
Mini Battle Payout ↑ 115 122 136 153
Tax Discount 66 73 105 110
Toll on Vacation Spots ↑ 104 117 125 138
Toll on Cities ↑ 88 104 113 127


English Version:

Greet: "I'm Ready!"
Provoke: "Are you unlucky, or just stupid~"
Happy: "Hahaha~ you're so stupid."
Sad: "It cannot end like this"
Angry: "I will crush you all."
Flavor (off-match): "One day I will pay for what I've done, but today is not that day."


  • This character was released on February 3, 2016 for the Pirate Invasion! Event.
  • Anthony does well in Minibattle Payout and Vacation Spot Toll like Isabelle.
  • She is the third Premium character to be released.
  • The first Skill Card she was featured in was This is MY LAND.
  • A magician named Kai is going after her treasure.


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